Photo of Susie
Photo of Susie

Hi, I’m Susie.

Susie Hall Vitamin T Los Angeles Metro

Almost 15 years ago I joined Aquent as an interactive agent, just in time for the explosion of interactive technology that today connects companies with customers in ways we couldn't have imagined. I've helped clients of all shapes and sizes build teams that launch brands, enable seamless communications with customers, and drive revenues. I know digital creatives, and my team is ready to help you (in a helper monkey sort of way). Join us!

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  • “For me personally, I want to do work that aligns with my values” -Robin Newman
  • Meet Devin!
  • "Building your own MarTech software is almost always a bad idea." Here's why...
  • Check out our tips for hiring the right marketing technology specialist.
  • Aquent is thrilled to be in the top 25 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies on LinkedIn!

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