Photo of Kitty
Photo of Kitty

Hi, I’m Kitty.

Kitty Kindred Vitamin T Biz Dev Detroit, MI

My true passion is our community and the abundance of talent who contribute to its strength and viability. I love talking to, meeting with, and showcasing creative freelancers. I have the opportunity to work with companies, agencies, and talent who are involved in cutting-edge technology and innovation. I’m excited to be part of the creative energy of Michigan and connecting great people with great companies!

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  • In a world where human attention span is 8 seconds, the proper visual hierarchy is crucial.
  • User-friendly design will be the driving force behind innovation and business success. #UX #VitaminT #GotCreatives
  • Here are a few strategic ways to dodge (or kind of answer) the question without sounding shady or defensive.
  • Get competitive salaries for over 35 digital creative and marketing roles by downloading our Salary Guide today!
  • AI holds the potential to become a powerful extension of human intelligence. #AI #VitaminT #GotCreatives

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