Expert Network

We take measurement seriously. That's why we retain an Expert Network—more than 30 seasoned pros in UX, development, and design—to administer independent assessments, a one hour additional interview that includes code review, digs into specific projects, and gauges preferences on communication style and culture.

Our Expert Interviewers can provide:

  • Overview of skills based on in-depth review of code samples and/or portfolio
  • Customised writeup covering depth and specifics about technical skills
  • Recommendations on culture fit and communication style
  • Insight on how well talent match a specific job description
  • Assessment of talent’s ability and interest in continual learning to build skill sets and stay current with technology

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In addition, our Expert Interviewers have also helped clients create compelling and complete job descriptions that attract great talent and ensure they have the skills to do the work as expected.

While not every talent needs an Expert Interview (based on skill set), our highly-trained recruiters perform face-to-face behavioural Business Interviews for all talent we choose to represent. During the portfolio and CV review, we ensure every talent embodies the six soft skills our clients most often associate with freelancer success:

  • Communication: Interacts effectively in verbal and written formats
  • Quality-orientation: Cares deeply about the quality of his/her work product
  • Problem-solving: Eager and able to tackle complex problems; can explain solutions
  • Teamwork: Displays cooperative and collaborative traits
  • Accountability: Takes responsibility for his/her actions and performance
  • Self-direction: Works independently and takes initiative to get things done

To triple-check for accuracy, we never skimp on Reference Checks. We work with a third-party specialist,, to use behavioural science and the latest assessment technology to get deep into a candidate’s psyche.

Best of all, once we’re done, we can give you easy access to real client feedback on their performance, right in the candidate’s profile!

Believe it or not, we’re not done there. During our Quality Check process, our agent team checks throughout the assignment with both clients and talent to gather feedback. Through this neutral feedback loop, we make sure that everyone’s happy and that work—and work environment—matches everyone’s expectations.