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What’s It Take to be a Digital Female Icon?


Every day our staff is lucky enough to meet with some of the world’s most inspiring creatives, both on the talent and the client side.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Laura Jordan Bambach is one such creative.

Creative Partner at Mr. President, president of D&AD, as well as the co-founder of SheSays and the Cannt Festival, she’s been described by The Drum and The Guardian as ‘a digital female icon.’

We were ecstatic to get a bit of her time to find out the secret to her success, how she keeps herself up-to-date and what she sees for the future of digital.


What is the career path that brought you to where you are today?

I studied fine arts, and started my own business at university designing web pages, on-screen graphics, stationery, reports and flyers. I entered agency life in Sydney at Deepend, and have gone on to work at some of the best digital and integrated agencies in London.

What motivates you?

Amazing people, and the opportunity to touch people and change things for the better through great ideas.

As a ‘digital female icon’, what has been the secret to your success?

Hard graft. Never giving up or letting go of my beliefs. A thick skin and a positive attitude!

What’s the biggest challenge you face as a creative professional?

It always has been (and always will be) the time and budgets you have to create great work. It’s a hard and challenging creative limitation, but one that focuses you.

How do you keep yourself up-to-date with emerging technology?

Exploring the web, going to festivals of tech art and design, spending time with students hacking and making, meeting and speaking to inspirational people in the field.

Why do you think the D&AD is important for the creative industry?

D&AD is the only global organisation to really represent both design and advertising (and everything in between) at all levels. Its awards represent the pinnacle of work for that year. Its training programmes are exceptional and its foundation (through New Blood) does more globally than any other organisation to help talented young creatives enter the industry. I’m very proud of the amount of good they do across the world.

Which skills do you admire most in a designer?

Energy, attitude and a commitment to craft.

You are a massive advocate of women in digital. Why do you think this is important?

Without a diverse workforce and diverse voices we will never truly represent culture online. With 80% of purchase decisions made by women, it’s crazy not to have them represented within agencies and studios.

What do you think is next for digital?

I’m excited about how digital marketing, in fact all advertising, is breaking out of its box and we’re able to use our creativity to solve bigger business and social issues.

What’s the last piece of creative that really blew your mind?

I loved the Chris Eubank does youth hostels work that Lucky Generals did. Not necessarily mind-blowing but a wonderful example of taking a digital meme and doing something with it whilst it’s still current!

Our thanks again to Laura for her time!

If you are interested in hearing more of what she has to say and get a chance to meet an icon, Laura will be speaking at an upcoming Marketing Event at our offices in London on 8th October.

Email us to register for the event!

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