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Web Design Webinar with Jeffrey Zeldman & Aaron Gustafson

Web Design Webinar ...

Great news! You’re invited to an exclusive live webinar on September 21st at 2PM ET with web design experts Jeffrey Zeldman and Aaron Gustafson.

Hosted by Aquent Gymnasium’s academic director Jeremy Osborn, Web Design is Hard: The State of Learning to Design and Code will be a killer discussion on keeping up in the complex world of web design. Whether you’re continuing your design/code education or just starting out, we promise you’ll learn a ton by tuning in!

And just in case you don’t know the speakers....

Jeffrey Zeldman is an entrepreneur, web designer, author, podcaster, and speaker on web design. He is the founder of A List Apart Magazine and the design studio Happy Cog, and the co-founder of A Book Apart and the design conference, An Event Apart. He also co-hosts The Big Web Show, a podcast about the web and online publishing.

Aaron Gustafson is a web standards and accessibility advocate at Microsoft, where he works closely with the browser team. He is former manager of the Web Standards Project, and, among his many accomplishments, is the author of the “modern classic” Adaptive Web Design.

Register here.

We'll see you at the event!

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