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Watch the 20th Annual Webby Awards Right Now!

Watch the 20th ...
Source: Big Spaceship

As if to prove their theme this year, The Internet Can’t Be Stopped, our friends at the Webby Awards have found some ingenious ways to share the 5-word winner’s speeches from last night’s event. Which is why you’ll be hearing and seeing them coming from your smart TV, Internet-of-things side-by-side refrigerator, and/or arduino-controlled Etch a Sketch.

Okay, we’re joking. (That is, until next year when they take our idea and run with it.)

If you’re looking for highlights from The 20th Annual Webby Awards, just head over to their YouTube channel.

From Michael Moore presenting to the co-directors of Making a Murderer to Spike Lee awarding Opal Tometi for her Black Lives Matter Movement it was, as always, a spectacular night. (Of course, having a host like Nick Offerman helps, right?)

If you’re interested in seeing the whole event, and have an hour and 20 minutes, just stick around!

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