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Inspiration, engagement and impact are just some of the reasons the world’s leading creative agencies and brands are making use of immersive VR experiences to help market products and services. 

Recently we hosted an “Agency Scoop” event, focused on VR from an Agency perspective.

We hosted four brilliant presenters from Agent Reality, S1T2 CreativeImagination and Havas – who each shared some fascinating VR case studies. It was an inspiring evening and left us with great insights into the creative process; project logistics and technical challenges; how to scale VR experiences and resolve other client buy-in challenges.

To give you an idea of what the event covered, we’ve written an overview of the speakers' VR case studies:

PAUL WILLEY – VR / AR Consultant

VR CASE STUDY: American Horror Story / Season 6 promotion. Agency: Groove Jones

1_Paul Willey_Image

The content was based on key themes explored within American Horror Story, the solution allowed fans to immerse themselves within the series.

Apart from being absolutely terrifying, this case study provided some great insights into how to scale VR – taking what can be seen as an individual immersive experience, converting it into a shared experience, expanding the reach, then pushing further via secondary channels to then monetise it.

The initial American Horror Story VR experience / installation was featured at Comic-Con San Diego, but went far beyond wearing a headset and really pushed into a multi-sensory immersive experience. Participants were taken into a dark room as a group, they lay down on individual mortuary style cement beds with a white sheet over them; then had VR headsets fitted. Their screams could be heard by the next round of participants who were awaiting their turn, in the darkened room outside.

Leveraging off the success and buzz created by this first VR campaign, AHS transformed the installation into a mobile roadshow – still maintaining the shared experience with a custom-build 2 person bed set-up, that travelled around the US, stopping into creepy locations to terrify and delight more fans, building on the promotional buzz as they went.

After Season 6 went live, the promotional campaign was then transformed into a secondary media experience and monetised further by including a VR home experience within the DVD box set.

CHRIS PANZETTA – S1T2, Managing Director

VR CASE STUDY: World Bank / The Price of Conflict, the Prospect of Peace documentaries

3_S1T2 _Image2

Beautifully shot, interactive 360° video series that take audiences into the heart of the East Asia Pacific region. The series raised awareness for conflict-related issues within the area in a way that emotionally engaged communities, governments, and global organisation. The result was a far deeper understanding of the challenges faced and potential for a positive future, building prospects for lasting peace; it also helped secure much needed funding allocation to this area.

VR CASE STUDY: Ford Motors / EcoBoost engine

4_S1t2 Image 3

Taking a product demo to the next level! S1T2 worked with Ford to showcase new engine innovations for Motor Shows. Users were able to go inside the engine and explore, while also experience various immersive scenarios that helped illustrate key features of the engine – for example the piston power being showcased by an elephant stomping.

ANDY NGUYEN – Imagination, Lead Digital Producer

VR CASE STUDY: The Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience (SACE)


As part of this award-winning experience that travelled to more than 20 locations around Australia, the Imagination team created a 360° Explorer app that was sent out to Australian schools.

The result was a very lightweight app, easily loaded onto mobile devices, using minimal space & data, for use with the 12,500 Google Cardboard “headsets” that were sent out to schools around Australia. This was perhaps the first time children living in remote and regional communities had the opportunity to experience (in VR) such a high profile event and explore the immersive exhibition. We think it would have been magical to see kids in remote communities, wandering around on their school sports oval, exploring the SACE exhibition in VR.

BOHDI LEWIS – Havas, Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation

VR CASE STUDY:  Australian Defence Force (ADF) / Category 5


The Havas team reviewed of a number of areas across the Defence Force that they felt could benefit & engage with this type of immersive technology. In the end they settled on an immersive educational piece that showcases the non-combative roles like humanitarian, logistics, technical support, within the Defence Force.

The VR activation “Category 5” they developed rolled out across careers expos, universities and schools nation-wide, including the rural and remote areas they were wanting to engage.

Participants were flown onto an tropical island, in the aftermath of a cyclone to assist with the relief effort. It was a multi-faceted gamified experience, that not only showcased the wider ranging roles and services of the ADF, but also had brilliant analytics pulling information through to a dashboard that tracked participants actions, reactions, focus, problem solving abilities. This information was used to recommend the types of roles that could align to them, allowing ADF staff to have more engaging and relevant conversations.


The VR experience resulted in significant improvements in how the ADF was perceived, as well as a better understanding of the roles within the ADF  above all, they had a 300% increase in expressions of interest forms!

Bohdi and the Havas team are still working on this VR experience, looking at ways to expand the environment and tasks, plus also ideas to push the immersion further via things like sensor gloves.

Here at Vitamin T, we are working with agencies around the world to help with resource solutions to enable the delivery of these innovative VR solutions. Give our team a shout if you'd like to discuss how we can help. If you are interested in hearing more about digital, technology and innovation & would like to join us for our next event, please contact Kate –

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