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Vitamin of the Week: Tom Stevenson (Sydney, Australia)


Tom Stevenson (Sydney, Australia)

When he’s not avoiding traffic you can find Account Director Tom Stevenson collaborating with his Sydney team to find his clients the perfect creatives (sans earbuds.)

Take a stroll through his answers to our 11 Quick Questions to find out the best way to work with a recruiter to fill a role and advice for freelancers to make their first day a successful one.

  1. Advice for working with a recruiter to fill a role? The devil is in the LACK of detail. Make sure you give your recruiter as much information as possible about your employment preferences. Be as flexible as you can. Make a list of "must haves" and "nice to haves." Find a recruiter you trust and work with them exclusively. They will work harder for you and you'll form a trusting and fulfilling relationship.  

  2. What’s the BEST thing someone can do when looking for a job? Get the advice of a great mentor. Ask them to look over your portfolio. Get them to help you check that you are applying for jobs at the right level. Ask them to talk you through some mistakes they made and also how they found success.

  3. Any tips for a making a great LinkedIn profile? For creatives, upload a few pieces of great work or a showreel under each position. It brings your LinkedIn profile to life. Make sure you are able to be "found" by recruiters and hiring managers and use lots of keywords most common to your role. Using that obscure “fun” job title you had at your most recent agency job isn't going to do you any favours when it comes time to move roles.

  4. Advice for freelancers to make their first day a successful one? Work quickly but accurately. Our freelancers who aren't shy about turning their hand to any task and getting the job done quickly are ALWAYS the most requested!

  5. >Biggest mistake people make on their resumes? My two pet peeves for resumes are: ones that are too long and ones which don't include the month (as well as the year). I think for digital creatives your resume should be no longer than two pages with hyperlinks which showcase your best work. Also, avoid buzzwords like "dynamic" and "strong interpersonal skills," they have little meaning.

  6. Best creative/digital event in your city? The global phenomenon Creative Mornings has a very active Sydney chapter. It’s a place where you can be inspired by senior creatives sharing their best work and their unique take on life in our amazing city.

  7. Favorite place to keep up with changes in the digital world? Hands down it has to be the Digital Buzz blog, curated by Aussie Aden Hepburn (of VML Sydney). It’s where I go to get my fix of the latest and coolest work from around the globe. The perfect conversation starters when chatting with our clients and talent.

  8. >Favorite social network & why? Instagram. I love it for its simplicity. It allows me a window on the people, things and places that inspire me.

  9. >Describe your city in 5 words. Sparkling vibrant harbour side paradise.

  10. >As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? It always flipped between a Pilot or a Flight Attendant. I have always been obsessed with aviation. The fact that I am considered too tall to push a drinks cart and not good enough at maths to sit in the cockpit put both of those dreams to rest pretty early on in life.

  11. Guilty song pleasure? Whitney Houston’s "I Wanna Dance with Somebody." Every time it comes on my Spotify playlist I have to resist doing a high kick or five in the street.

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