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The Work That Made Me: Part 2 of Our Video Series with Top Creatives

The Work That Made ...

If you’re looking for a little inspiration today, look no further than the second installment of our three-part video series, “The Work That Made Me.” For this series, we’ve partnered with our friends at The Webby Awards to interview top creatives on the milestones that shaped their careers.

In this second episode, Caprice Yu, ECD at McCann, shares her experience in learning the value of cooperation and open-mindedness—essential traits for success in advertising.

Don’t miss Yu’s insight on what all veteran advertisers have in common, and stay tuned for the third episode in this series featuring our conversation with Casey Rand and Karen Land Short, Group Creative Directors at Droga5. (And if you missed episode one with Havas ECD Kate McCagg, check it out here.)

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