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The Vitamin T Coloring Book Download Is Here


Great news! We’ve got something to make your creative life even better: our Vitamin T Coloring Book—now available as a digital download!

A client favorite (as well as one of’s Trendiest Workplace Items for 2016), It’s OK to Color has been known to cause impromptu coloring parties, fits of unbridled focus and creativity, and that’s not all—it’s started two world peace movements.

Maybe we’re optimists, but these people at a client coloring party look awfully peaceful, don’t they?


According to Lifehack (and 17 other sites) you’ll find lots of benefits from coloring:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced productivity and focus
  • Increased creativity
  • Self-discovery

You’ll likely see even more benefits after using ours, which includes selected artwork from illustrator Greg Zymet and preposterously inspirational quotes from the likes of Ray Bradbury, Mike Monteiro, Anthony J. D’Angelo, Steve Martin, Joseph Campbell, Meister Eckhart, and Albert Einstein.

Go ahead and download your copy and share your creativity with the world by using the hashtag #ColorwithVT—or if you discover you don’t like the limelight—tape it to a light pole and run away.

And if you’re able, share your coloring pencils with a friend. We don’t want to be accused of helping to fuel the worldwide colored pencil shortage.

Have fun!

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