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The Future of Audience Engagement through Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences


Recently we hosted an Agency Scoop Event focused around Augmented Reality (AR). We had four industry speakers from: Virtual ImmersiveAuggd and Agent Reality to give us their perspective of the technology. They each shared impressive case studies giving us insights into the AR world and how businesses across multiple sectors are engaging their audiences through these fascinating experiences. 

Augmented Reality is a digital layer over the real world that must be viewed through a lens i.e, mobile phone, tablet, computer screen, mixed reality glasses. As the user looks through the lens the real world is now transformed into a very realistic computer generated image.

To give you an idea of what the event covered, below is an overview of the speaker’s case studies:

Saxon Dixon & John Doolan (Co-founders) | Virtual Immersive

Firstly, John spoke about some interesting examples of AR being used in the public eye.

Pepsi Co’s giant human grabbing tentacles that emerged through a digital screen at a busy bus shelter in London, scaring the public and leaving Londoner’s amused and slightly confused.

Another more recent use of AR technology was the pop-up art galleries, using your mobile device users walking through the park could enter the portals and have a look around using their mobiles.

John believes that in the years to come the way we react with the world and our screens will be through mixed reality glasses hopefully that are less bulky, thinner and stylish. It has been projected that the AR industry will be worth 60 billion dollars by 2023.

Saxon then took us through one of the recent activation projects that took place earlier this year for the Lunar New Year at World Square. Objectives were to attract and engage new customers to World Square, engage the stores and increase sales.

They brought to life a digital and animated dragon that was seen flying around World Square using a mobile device. This experience was based around the AR “Red Pocket Treasure Hunt” that allowed users to unlock over 40 exclusive retail offers by walking around the square searching for activation points on the floor.


The app on IOS and Android housed all the functionality. World Square was transformed using lanterns in trees, videos on escalators and Aframes around the square.  A key outcome was the social media engagement, people were able to take selfies with the dragon and because the device is online they were able to create organic traffic to sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Immersive Reality were able to show that Augmented Reality can be a powerful tool in brand engagement with excellent ROI. 

Paul Kouppas (Business Development & Team Lead) | Auggd

Paul kicked off his case study by showing us a few examples of the work they do at Auggd. Using his mobile and a live camera feed he pointed his phone at his business card and brought the card to life. We sat amazed, watching a miniature Paul stood on the business card introducing himself. Using a green screen, it had been pre-recorded and then uploaded onto the cloud and transmitted through the app using a trigger on the business card. This demonstrated that this technology can be put onto newspapers and magazines.


One of their clients, McDonald Jones Homes was interested in having this technology put onto their property floor plans. They wanted to engage with their customers and Augmented Reality can be quite emotive and can get people quite excited so it can be a really nice ice breaker when it comes to a sales process.

McDonald Jones Homes really wanted to showcase their 3D homes and by having a simple floor-plan their customers couldn’t get an idea about scale, colour or textures. 80% of their customers would not know what they were looking at when looking at floor plans.

Using a 360 degree camera they were able to create stunning visuals of homes that users can physically look around and gage the full size and scale of the home. They are now in the process of taking this to the next step and allowing users to physically walk through and around a home, including the outside area.

Watch this space...


Paul Willey (C.O.O) | Agent Reality 

Augmented Reality is going to be incredibly disruptive across multiple sectors, it is starting to be seen as a utility rather than just a gimmick. Industries like Retail, Travel and Tourism and Property are really starting to amplify their brands stories and capture the public’s imagination.

Other tech heavy industries like Industrial and Construction are able to use Augmented Reality for training and providing contextual information on large pieces of machinery.

What are the foundations of a good AR Experience? How can you engage with people through apps using AR experiences?

At Agent Reality they build their products, services and platforms that include Gamification Products, Augmented Reality Products, Location based products and Analytics & Data Products.

Recently they have worked with Destination New South Wales on the Vivid Festival. They redesigned the App for 2018 and integrated some Hidden ARt Experiences into the user journey of the app.


Working closely with TAFE, they used a few of the student’s art installations and turned them into AR, these can be seen through the app in locations such as Kings Cross.

They also applied GPS technology to the lightboxes to allow people to click through Augmented Reality and receive the contextual information these boxes provide on their phones and amplify the information by providing click throughs to the artists websites.

By using GPS technology and Augmented Reality they were able to drive visitors out to other locations such as; Darling Harbour, Kings Cross and Taronga Zoo. They made this a gamification for each precinct, when you visit each precinct you receive a stamp on the app. If you go to 4 out of the 10 precincts you could win a phone from Samsung. The app is proving successful, people are downloading and engaging when visiting the Vivid Festival.

Here at Vitamin T, we are working with agencies around the world to help with resource solutions to enable the delivery of these innovative AR solutions. Give our team a shout if you'd like to discuss how we can help. If you are interested in hearing more about digital, technology and innovation & would like to join us for our next event, please contact Nicola.

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