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Set the Pace of Change with Transformative Teams


A transformative team is one that blends different types of employees together to utilize the best traits, qualities, and skills from all of them—and engaging them in the way they want to work. Transformative teams can pivot and adapt to today’s rapid pace of change in ways that a compartmentalized staff cannot. In every industry today, disruption and change are inevitable. Flexibility and adaptive skillsets allow an organization to respond to the speed of change without getting left behind. Become a top-performing company by blending your workforce into a transformative team.

The Benefits of a Transformative Team

Transformative teams are staples of the modern workplace. According to research, up to 93 percent of companies depend on transformative teams to ensure they have the capacity to execute results-driven multichannel campaigns. Pooling the talents of multiple team members from different sectors makes for a more dynamic and flexible workforce. Even better, when matching skillsets and work preferences to business needs, you end up with a highly efficient operational model. There are many benefits to pairing full-time permanent employees with freelancers, such as:

Effortless scalability: A transformative team comes with fast and cost-effective scalability that adapts to the needs of the customer. With a pool of vetted talent consisting of both freelance and core staff, you can easily select the right skills to apply to the situation, quickly scaling to deliver optimal customer value.

Endless flexibility: A transformative team is like a Swiss Army knife, ready to spring into action no matter the situation. The right individuals operating together comprise a pool of different talents and experiences at your disposal. Such a team has the adaptive skills to enable a company to respond to industry changes and competitor curveballs.

Capacity for driving change: With a transformative team, your company doesn’t have to just react to changes in the industry—it can drive them. You can be the disruptor in your field, making your competitors respond instead. You’ll have the right team and skillsets necessary to shape the future.

Transformative teams can help a business respond to multifaceted needs, explore the possibilities of the future, and set the pace for industry evolution. They allow a brand to assimilate ideas from multiple employees, playing to the strengths of each member, and benefitting from the culmination of the team. Teams help a brand see the bigger picture instead of getting lost in individual self-interest. You can see the forest instead of just the trees.

How to Recruit a Strong Transformative Team

Building and benefitting from a transformative system at your workplace takes recruiting the right members and fostering a culture that is team-oriented. A successful transformative team system does not depend on having the most talented workers, but instead on getting skilled individuals to work as a team. Team-centric recruiting is the foundation that will carry your employees where they need to go.

Recruiting the best permanent employees and attracting freelancers for your team means identifying your goals, hunting for highly specific skillsets, and finding candidates who are open to blending their own ideas with those of the team. First, identify the best fit for your transformative team. Seamless teamwork and creative thinking are examples of goals you could set for any additions to your team. By providing clear expectations to candidates and internal staff, you’ll find they can help identify and quickly assimilate new talent. Once you’re clear on what you need, search for candidates who fit the bill.

Working with a recruiting agency that understands and appreciates the importance of building scalable teams can make all the difference in your recruitment process. The right agency can help you hire and retain full-time employees and freelancers who bring skills and mindsets to benefit the whole team. You can feel more confident and secure in your choices, and find the workers who best promote the team’s goals.

Vitamin T offers technology to help you gather, assess, and access your transformative team in their online MyAquent client tool. From full visibility to proprietary talent data (including visual portfolios) in the hiring process to building an actual Talent Pool of ready-to-go, pre-vetted candidates, it helps make deploying a transformative team simple and effective.

Getting Your Team to Operate at Maximum Capacity

Getting both in-house teams and contractors to work together is the next step in benefitting from a transformative team. The main benefit of this step is changing the mindset of team members. Most teams have individuals who look within their own thoughts for ideas and suggestions. This is a natural way to think, especially when an employer rewards individuals and encourages independent idea generation. However, it is not always conducive to transformative team building.

The approach to take instead is to expand collaboration within your organization. Ask employees to look to others for shared ideas and inspiration to develop the habit of connecting with outside sources, such as other team members, competitors, and resources in your industry. Building this habit helps them welcome new team members and voices as you engage specific talent for specialized needs.

Another leadership strategy includes giving team members plenty of time to interact with one another and solve problems together. Expecting your players to work together from individual cubicles is counterintuitive. Foster strong team thinking by providing uninterrupted time together—in and out of the office. Make every member feel like a strong and important part of the team. Help team members feel safe and welcome in the work environment, encouraging creativity and open-minded problem solving. Letting creative juices flow freely through a team can be exactly what makes your transformative team a success.

To make collaboration a key part of your workflow, book time for it and setup clear reward systems that acknowledge the successes and ideas that come from collaborative work. Team-nominated awards will go far to engage staff and keep them looking outward and will build bridges among your staff members, making freelancers feel welcome and valued, which will lead to more freelancers wanting to work with your team.

Let the Right Team Transform Your Business

If you’re one of many managers who have experienced losses because of poor employee decision-making, unhappy team members, gaps in communication, disagreements between teams, high turnover rates, low productivity, or an all-around underperforming group, you need to incorporate transformative teams. The right team of talent can make all the difference in the success and competitive edge of your business.

Let Vitamin T develop a dream team for you. Vitamin T can build a team with many different skillsets from which to pull—a global pool of screened marketing and creative talent that can adapt to address a wide range of customer needs. With our help, you can find group members who will function flawlessly and plan ahead for ebbs and flows in your business. Turn your business into a well-oiled machine with staff members who focus on the bigger picture instead of individual success. It’s the only way to forge your own path in an ever-changing business sphere.

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