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Learn JavaScript & jQuery for Free!


Ready to take your JavaScript knowledge to the next level?

Check out our new (and free) course from Aquent Gymnasium: the JavaScript & jQuery Survival Guide.

[Cue jungle noises]

It’s just the thing to help build the skills necessary to survive the daily challenges that come along with web development.

[Cue tiger roar]

Instructor, developer, and sherpa Kevin Chisholm will demonstrate how to effectively use your browser developer tools and JavaScript console, as well as provide step-by-step instructions on how to build dynamic forms, animated UI elements, and more.

So much more than a JavaScript tutorial, this course will teach you the vital skills needed to cut through the weeds and leafy underbrush of daily web development.


Please note: Boots, compass, and machete not included with course.

Need to know a little more about your instructor before setting off? No problem.

Kevin Chisholm is a front-end web developer who specializes object-oriented JavaScript and AngularJS. He’s consulted and worked on websites for an Amazon-sized list of companies including Consumer Reports, Time, People, Sports Illustrated, Travel and Leisure,, TDAmeritrade, and

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