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How to Land Your Dream Job


Today in the UK employment rates are increasing, especially in the digital sector, but there are still over 2 million people unemployed. With so many people competing for work, how do you get yourself noticed?

That’s just what brand specialist and media personality Kubi Springer wanted to know when she brought our own Wayne Hill to her radio show.

Listen to the interview as Wayne responds to these live tweeted questions:

  • What are CV/resume deal-breakers?
  • Targeting your CV/resume for the job you want
  • How to dress and behave in your interview
  • Why it’s important to include your interests and a profile on your CV/resume
  • The benefits of working internationally

Listen in!

Is there anything Wayne didn’t cover in the interview that you wanted to hear? Just get in touch with us and we’ll have him answer you!

Need the transcript to this podcast? It’s right here!

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