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How to create your ideal role without leaving your job


It’s the time of year for reflecting, goal setting and planning for the year ahead.

But what do you do if you don’t like your job? The obvious answer is to get another one, but that’s not always possible.

Whether you need more experience, another qualification or you’re too worried about paying the mortgage, leaving your job is not always the best option.

So what if you could take your job and change it so that you could do more of what you love?

It’s possible if you consider these three possibilities:

1. You can create your dream role one step at a time

If you want to give your job a makeover it doesn’t have to happen all at once.

Your job is just a list of tasks created by someone who may or may not have had you in mind when they dreamed up the position description. The point is it can be changed to suit you, the person who has the job now. Which means that you can go and ask for what you want.

Now obviously there are limits.

If you’re a copywriter, say, then it’s unlikely that you can stop writing actual copy, but there is always scope to change some aspects of your job, like the way you handle clients or manage projects.

So sit down and make a list. What do you love doing? What are your core competencies? What would you love to stop doing? What could be outsourced or delegated to someone else?

When you’ve done that, schedule a meeting with your manager and have the conversation. Sure she or he can say no, but there’s also a possibility that even if it’s a no, for now, they will at least think about it and maybe review your role at a later date.

How can you change your job to include more of your core competencies and less of the stuff you hate?

2. Are you really giving this job your best shot?

This is not about blaming yourself for not liking your job. Apparently, you’re in good company – a massive 80% of people on LinkedIn reportedly don’t like their jobs. But is it possible that you’re just not giving it a chance?

You might be new to the role and feeling a bit wobbly about your skills and abilities. Sometimes it’s easier to jump to conclusions and assume you’ve made a mistake rather than examine what’s truly going on.

This is also true when you’ve been at your company for a long time. You become blind to the potential that’s right under your nose.

Perception is everything and if you look around you for evidence that you’re in the wrong job, you’re going to find it.

Try changing how you see the situation (I just don’t fit in here!) by replacing it with a true statement (It’s possible that I’m not seeing the big picture). When you take an honest look at your job you may realise that there are some changes you can make to increase your enjoyment.

3. You may need to move up or sideways

One reason that a lot of people don’t feel fulfilled at work is because they’ve outgrown the role they’re in.

If that’s you, then it’s possible that you need to move up not out, if there’s scope at your organisation. This kind of move is not always linear, so it’s worth considering a sideways move to help you to build the skills you need for a more senior role. It can be easier to get this experience at your current organisation rather than move elsewhere and start over.

What projects could you get yourself involved with? Where in your organisation could you build the skills you need? Often you just need to be open and talk to the right people.

I hope this has sparked a few ideas for how you can improve your work life this year.

If you have used other strategies to change your current role please share in the comments.

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