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Get the November Desktop Wallpaper from Our 2016 Talent Calendar


Fall is here! Why not take a few moments to make your view more colorful

with the November desktop wallpaper download from our 2016 talent calendar?

This month we’re featuring artist Anne McMillan and her winning calendar entry “Three Aspen.”

Download the .zip file of our November artwork.

Anne is a designer, painter, and native Coloradoan who admits to having a love affair with the iconic tree. Currently residing in Virginia, her fondest memories are seeing their autumn leaves quaking in the breeze (she says that’s why they’re sometimes called “Quakies.”)

Three AspenCMYKsmaller

Her first work on a large canvas, this piece symbolizes both her Colorado roots and her three sons. She’s been painting in watercolor since the age of 14 and has recently “taken the leap” to start painting with acrylics.

Aside from the inspiration she finds in nature, she is also heavily influenced by museum exhibits; most notably the special exhibit on Van Gogh at the Denver Museum of Fine Arts and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Flower Exhibit in 2015.

She credits the Aquent Gymnasium classes Coding for Designers and UX Fundamentals in helping her transition to a full time graphic design job at the Virginia Department of Health.

She told us that she hopes to continue to find the time to paint and share her pieces with family and friends.

We hope so, too!

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