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Get the July Desktop Wallpaper from our 2016 Talent Calendar


Alright everyone, do the wave!

It’s a brand new month, which means another desktop wallpaper download from our 2016 calendar is here.

Dominguez Wave,” July’s swell offering (sorry) comes from San Francisco talent Joe Dominguez.

Download the .zip file of July's artwork

A California native, Joe grew up in Santa Barbara at a time “when there were as many farms and orchards as there were neighborhoods.” Always in or around the water, at 10 his father introduced him and his brothers to the wonders of surfing and none of them ever looked back.

Joe said he can watch the surf for hours, whether on the beach or out in the lineup, waiting for the next wave. Always armed with creative gear, July’s calendar artwork is a page right out of his sketchbook.


Joe’s been a designer in the startup space and entertainment industry, an art director for broadcast TV, an educator, a commercial photographer and a retoucher for a high-end furniture manufacturer. Through it all, he’s never stopped freelancing, whether that’s marketing and brand consultation or designing ads, posters and logos.

Be sure to check out his work on Instagram @JOEMADE

Thanks to Joe and all all the talented artists who contributed work to our 2016 calendar.

And stay tuned, we’ll be opening up the competition for 2017’s calendar soon!

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