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Get the December Desktop Wallpaper from Our 2016 Talent Calendar


Hey, Jellyman!

As we start the month of December, we’re gifting you with yet another beautiful desktop wallpaper download from our 2016 talent calendar.

It’s Mark Johnson’s vibrant “Jellistic Patterns.” Just the thing to cheer up wintry surroundings!

Download the .zip file of December’s artwork

The Portland, Oregon native was struck with inspiration in between working on designs for his client. “I realized I needed to refresh my head. I disengaged from my given task and begun to experiment with creating seamless patterns in Illustrator. After a few rounds, this pattern to me represented what I would see under the ocean. That is what inspired me to illustrate a jellyfish into the patterned background.”


With his unwavering eye for detail, uncompromising drive for perfection, and lightning-fast skills, Mark was able to create his winning piece in just a few hours.

“The background pattern did not take too long as it was just one image repeated, finding the color scheme that worked best took about an hour. Illustrating the jellyfish went pretty fast too....I free handed it from a couple of images I found as references. Since there were no rules or guidelines as to how it had to be, I did not have to concentrate too much on anything but creating shapes that looked right.”

We think you’ll agree they look a lot more than “right,” they look danged amazing!

We’d like to thank Mark again for his stellar imagery and helping to decorate desks and desktops all across the globe.

That wraps it up for 2016’s images!

We’ve just created our 2017 calendar, so look out for the new desktop downloads coming up next month!

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