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Get the April Desktop Wallpaper from our 2016 Talent Calendar


Even though March Madness isn’t quite over (as of this post), March sure the heck is.

That’s why we can now offer Scott Erwert’s “Jackson Square” as April’s desktop wallpaper download from our 2016 calendar.

Download the .zip file of April’s artwork

We think it’s just the thing to make your desktop’s day, especially if it’s an otherwise dreary, rainy April afternoon.

Scott said his painting was inspired by the great jazz city, New Orleans—more specifically by Jackson Square, the landmark French Quarter park that’s been home to an open-air artist colony for more than a half a century.

You can see the full, uncropped version of his beautiful acrylic and wood panel piece in our online gallery.

The Portland, Oregon artist told us that his influences come from a variety forms: fine art (Picasso, Cezanne, Braque, Derain), film (Hitchcock, Kubrick, Michel Gondry), and the people and friends around him who are doing inspirational things every day.

We hope you enjoy it!

Thanks once again to Scott and all the talented artists who contributed work to our 2016 calendar!

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