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Get February’s Desktop Wallpaper From Our 2017 Talent Calendar


We continue the celebration of our 2017 Talent Calendar by giving you another beautiful downloadable desktop wallpaper, Naught.

Download a .zip file of February's image

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February’s artwork, created by Brooklyn-based creative Stella Koh, illustrates the moment right before Little Red Riding Hood meets the wolf. “Naught,” refers to her unworried composure: "Red Riding Hood did not know what a wicked creature he was, and was not at all afraid of him."


“I was trying to capture that naïveté and fearlessness that we've all had at one point in our lives. For me personally, leaving home in search of more interesting possibilities was exactly that. It was knowing absolutely nothing, getting into trouble and learning along the way. I was and still am crossing my fingers and hoping to triumph against wolves of all shapes and sizes.”

Born and raised in Singapore, Stella took an interest in design when she was 19 during her gap year. That’s when she decided being an illustrator was going to be more exciting than attending business school. She left home and attended Savannah College of Art & Design before moving up to New York.

 Stella believes it’s her lifelong path as an illustrator to illuminate great ideas and beautiful stories. She’s currently finding inspiration in the economic theories of Henry George.

“I'm trying to put the same storytelling skills to work and transform the complicated economic ideas and systems that govern our society into something more accessible for visual learners like myself, who have to make a marked effort to consume more books than TV shows or movies.”

Looks like economists everywhere are in for a treat.

Thanks again to Stella and all the artists who contributed to (and submitted work for) our calendar!

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