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Get February’s Desktop Wallpaper From Our 2016 Talent Calendar


Happy February!

We continue celebrating the release of our 2016 Talent Calendar by giving you another fabulous downloadable desktop wallpaper, “Girl in Summer Dress.”

Download a .zip file of February's image

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This month’s artwork, created by Washington, DC creative (and Sr. UX Designer) Ted Randler was inspired by real life:

“It was a breezy, sunny Saturday in Old Town Alexandria and I was walking along the shops of King Street when I saw her—the girl in the summer dress, like someone out of a novel—strolling in front of the art and antiques gallery. The gallery had a street exhibit of paintings and curios. So she became framed by all the things in which to gaze: art, mirrors and the shop window. It was a fleeting moment. I like to paint fleeting moments.”

Ted studied painting at Syracuse University and creates his non-digital work using acrylics, plaster, and pumice.

“I like to treat each brushstroke like an object. I think the technique came about from all my years as a digital artist where pixels of color are treated like objects that are counted and layered into images.”

Thanks to social media Ted says he’s glad to have the ability to follow all types of contemporary artists like Pat Riot in LA, Linda Griggs in Brooklyn, Todd Hale in RVA “as well as my exhibit mates at the Eric Schindler Gallery.” He gets his inspiration from real life (obviously), artists such as Bonnard, Morandi, Balthus, Klee, Marsden Hartley, but says his first love will always be American primitive art.

Thanks again to Ted and all the artists who contributed work to our 2016 calendar!

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