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7 Tips to Maximise Your Marketing


Recently our London office hosted a marketing themed event called ‘Marketing to the Next Level’. Designed to inspire marketing pros and show them what makes a truly exceptional marketing campaign, with tips to help them supercharge their future campaigns.

We had the privilege of hearing from three creative leaders, each speaking about different areas of marketing: Creativity, Refining Communications and being “Glocal”.

So if you’re looking for ideas on how to create unique, memorable and truly inspiring campaigns, check out our experts’ tips!

1. Get Creative

Creative Partner at Mr. President, Laura Jordan Bambach says to keep yourself and your campaigns creative, you need to expose yourself to different influences. This could be anything from reading things outside your comfort zone or going to exhibitions that you wouldn’t normally go to. “Get interested to get interesting,” as Laura puts it.

2. Experiment

It’s really easy to forget to explore and try new things with marketing, or spend too long in the planning stage, instead, try to allow yourself room for experimentation. But always remember that you should use technology to suit your ideas, rather than creating your ideas based on the technology.

3. Collaborate

Letting go of ego and bringing different viewpoints and ideas to the table can often yield amazing results. "Team up. Collaboration is Queen” says Laura.

4. Make it Relevant

Think about why the user would be interested in your marketing and what it is you want from them. Conversion Specialist at Google, Xavier Colomes, says, "You can be relevant to your user by making your marketing encompass both what the user wants and what your company offers."

5. Don’t Forget Imagery

Images are often the most under-utilised resource in campaigns and can communicate both what you offer and who you are as a company. Your imagery is the quickest way to draw people in, but make sure it is the right imagery. "If your competitor could use the same image, then don't use it," cautions Xavier.

6. Get Glocal

EMEA programs & Demand Generation Manager, David Navaro Vera, tells us, “It's a global world. Even if you are a UK based start-up, we are in a digital age, a global age and everything you do should be glocal, reflecting both local and global considerations.”

7. Added Value

The more value you give with your marketing, the more you will receive. Do something different than your competitors or else you won’t stand out. This could be a competition, a game, or simply information. "Don't be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing," says David.

Thank you to all our speakers: Laura Jordan Bambach, Xavier Colomes and David Navaro Vera for their great tips.

Have any tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section!

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