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5 Top Places to Get Agency News & Inspiration from The Webbys


Where does the muse strike for industry leaders? Well, there are the staples, the traditional and respected sources, says Chris Rowson, CD at Ogilvy & Mather. “Every morning I’ll scan the Web for the latest industry news and campaigns like Adweek, Creative Review, Agency Spy, The Drum, FastCo.Design & TechCrunch.” Chris says Instagram is his favorite platform, but how influential is social media in finding creative work?

After finding designer David McCloud’s Cinema 4D experiments truly captivating, Chris revamped his Instagram feed. “I’ve replace food selfies, baby selfies, engagement selfies, even selfie-selfies with beautiful and inspiring experiments.” He similarly finds Jessica Walsh’s AMA-style sessions to be really amazing. Partner at Sagmeister & Walsh, find Jessica’s Q&A’s on Instagram under the #jessicasamamondays banner.

Whether you need the latest tid bit on what the latest big brand is doing or are looking for something to inspire your team with, here are 5 go-to sites we recommend.

Advertising Age

It’s a name synonymous with both a historic industry and the latest breaking news for advertising big shots and upstarts everywhere. AdAge, as it’s colloquially known, is a trusted resource for the curious creative and career-focused manager alike.


Off-beat but on-point, DesignTAXI is abundant with humor. A good laugh does wonders for getting work done, but they’re not all fun and games. DesignTAXI has a proven record of successfully promoting top-tier brands as well.


The world could use more altruistic media companies. GOOD sees the silver lining in sullen moods and motivates viewers to consider the good, if not better angle of advertising and media culture. Don’t forget to check out their enigmatic infographics too, while you’re at it.


Sometimes we can get lost in our own worlds when working a project. Thankfully, there’s Dribbble. A self-described “show and tell for designers,” Dribbble is a collection of visually intriguing work. Note: Recent American hero, Kenneth Bone, has made it to the Dribbble ranks.


For those who stay woke on great Instagram accounts or Twitter feeds, here’s another source: Designspiration. Built like your favorite Tumblr, scroll through this constantly refreshed, cascading tiles of objects, designs, images and more to kick your creativity search into overdrive.

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