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5 Great Tools and Tricks for Designers and Developers (July 2016)


Summer is in full effect, which means you’re most likely seeing flocks of tourists out enjoying their vacations while you’re on your way into work.

Don’t dismay! Our 5 tools and tricks are just what you need to ensure you aren’t falling behind the design and development curve.

Consider them your summer lifesavers!


Noise-Cancelling Headphones

No, we haven’t gone into the consumer electronics business, it’s merely that study after study keeps confirming how music helps boost creativity and improves reasoning skills. And how hearing a one-sided phone conversation can really kill focus. All the more reason to invest in a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones, so you can choose your own auditory environment and get your work done. (BTW, ambient conversation can also improve creativity, so if you haven’t discovered Coffitivity, be sure to give it a try!)


7 Alternatives to Popular Web Typefaces for Better Performance

Looking to lose some weight this season? It’s not too late! Katie Kovalcin, a Net Awards Young Designer of the Year and designer at Sparkbox, chose seven typeface “performance swaps” for popular typefaces on the web.

Her awesome selections show that it’s possible to gain better performance without sacrificing beautiful design.


Speaking of a site’s weight and speed, Tim Kadlec's will show you how much it costs for someone to use your site on different mobile networks around the world.

It’s a really handy companion tool to when you need to test your site’s performance.


Vintage Graphic Design Inspiration

Before there was Sketch, Photoshop, or even Illustrator, there were Inky Depths inhabited by Designerous Graphicus, the forerunner of the modern web designer.

Cosima Mielke steps into the Wayback Machine to take you on a journey through 60’s travel posters, the ‘76 Montreal Olympics, and New York City Transit Authority’s 1970 design manual. It’s quite a trip!

As a bonus, she includes lots and lots of vintage graphics links. (Spoiler alert: if you go in, you’ll be gone for awhile.)


7 Books & Resources on Package Design

Print magazine curates seven terrific books through the ever-changing field of package design. From how to green up your packaging and processes (Kim Carlson’s Green Your Work)  to a showcase of packaging designs and tips, tricks, and creative advice from 50 top packaging firms (For Sale: Over 200 Innovative Solutions in Packaging Design), your light summer reading just got a lot heavier.

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