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5 Great Tools and Tricks for Designers and Developers (August 2016)


School is back in session!

Even if you’re not sitting in a classroom all day, you can still hit the proverbial books to keep your skills sharp and your mind even sharper.

For your education and edification, we’ve gathered 5 free tools, tips, and tricks you won’t have to sell back for pennies at the end of the school year.

See how smart you are already?

wrinkled paper

How to Apply Paper Texture to UI Design Work (+ Free Texture Downloads)

Sure you can create them yourself, but with so many designers in the community releasing custom paper textures for free, doesn’t it make sense to let someone else do the heavy lifting?

In this post, Vandelay Design doesn’t just hand you some nice downloads, they provide you with a step-by-step tutorial so you can easily use textures in your next project.

99 Deductions

A fantastic new site for freelancers, independent workers, and “solopreneurs” 99 Deductions helps you quickly learn how to maximize your take-home pay and minimize taxes. Handy, eh?

Written in a language everyone can understand, tax tips are categorized by job title, making it easy to see where to take deductions—whether you’re a designer, developer, or Uber driver.



Back in March, the WordPress plugin review team issued a terse reminder: frameworks are NOT allowed in the official directory. Happily, the founder of Freemius, Vova Feldman saw an opportunity to do something constructive (that is, not posting angry comments on Twitter): he created IncludeWP, a directory specifically catered to listing WordPress themes and plugin frameworks. Sort frameworks by stars, forks, issues, or name and even see how many sites it’s being used on.

Talk about lemonade from lemons!


Browser Calories

Just what the world needs, another dieting app. Thankfully, this is one that won’t be forgotten in a month.

Browser Calories is a tiny, yet powerful Chrome, Firefox, and Opera extension that quickly measures a webpage’s weight.

Best of all, the button you use to calculate the performance budget is a donut icon.


The Setup

The Setup’s setup is simple: “a collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.” With over 695 interviews including everyone from UI designers to producers, you’ll find over 2500 pieces of hardware and 3000 bits of software housed within.

Want to let the world know how you do YOUR work? Just ask the editors and they’ll oblige!

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