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5 Apps to Increase Your Productivity in the New Year

Source: Huffington Post

It’s 2016 and you are sticking to your resolutions. Not only are you more committed to your goals, but you look slacking off and distraction in the eye and laugh. For you, this is the year of innovation and expediency. You are feeling more pumped up than your Tuesday morning spin class instructor. Keep up that energy with these 5 apps.

1. Asana
Your project management skills just got better. Asana, whose name is a reference to a yogic position of calm focus, will guide you through the art of mastering an overburdened inbox. The project of two Facebook founders, Asana focuses on tasks over email notifications. Delegate projects over a shared task list and check back to see everyone’s status. Utilize cloud-based apps like Dropbox or service platforms services such as Uber or AirBnB, too. You’ll fret over your email less which is good karma.

2. Postpone
A little bit of zen wisdom will help you along the path of efficiency. Putting things off is the counterintuitive way to getting work done and Postpone is just that app to guide you. Rather than collate tasks, projects, or “to-dos,” Postpone asks that you pare your lists down. And ripple-like organize them outwardly with the most pressing (but what is the concept of “most” anyway?) and radiating further into the pending future. What’s clear: the task won’t appear on your list before a given amount of time of your choosing has elapsed.

3. MailTime
This iOS app (Android coming soon) migrates the oft clunky, incongruous, or uninspired world of email onto that sleek and newest iteration iPhone that you are currently wielding. MailTime is made to translate the functions of email into a text message setting. Read, reply, and view email threads as if they were text streams or conversations.  Drop a GIF if you care to, but with MailTime, you can also copy contacts with a click, send Dropbox links, and assign tasks in a much more streamlined manner.

4. Evernote
This one’s for those of you who work well on the home front. You know, kicked back on a comfy couch, feet propped on an ottoman, ready to crush some tasks. This online portfolio of an app is comprehensive yet thoroughly searchable. With Evernote you can jot notes down; organize photos; store PDFs and audio clips; and, of course, manage your to-do list. With its intuitive indexing feature, you can search through your Evernote files whether from a desktop, mobile device, or home office.

5. Thoughtboxes
If you have ever seen shapes in the clouds organized by weather front or wind patterns, this apps for you. Thoughtboxes takes an overarching goal or concept and allows you to break it down into its constituent parts, separated by links, notes. and tasks. With an easy user interface, brainstorm sessions have yet to thunder harder. Merge Thoughtboxes together or arrange them by color; generating bountiful ideas in a neat array.

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