Photo of Tim
Photo of Tim

Hi, I’m Tim.

Tim Donnelly Vitamin T Los Angeles Metro

What do you want to know about Vitamin T? Just ask. As a veteran Aquent/Vitamin T staff member for 15+ years, I… Hey, is that something burning in the kitchen?
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  • Devin Martin has over 15 years of experience helping #chicago creatives into amazing jobs. via @vitamintalent
  • How to Hire a Marketing Technologist via @vitamintalent #MarTech
  • @reneepirie @SparkCGS I seriously just read "sporks". Sorry.
  • In #Milwaukee and looking for a great #creative gig? Give Valerie Becknell a ring! via @vitamintalent
  • Vitamin of the Week: Chelsea Schaefer (San Francisco) via @vitamintalent #SanFrancisco

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