Photo of Tiffani
Photo of Tiffani

Hi, I’m Tiffani.

Tiffani Farrington Vitamin T San Diego, CA

I was born and raised in Texas, but I'm convinced I was a California girl in another life! I followed my heart in 2009 with stops in Orange County and LA before finally finding my home in San Diego. I'm thrilled to put down roots with this incredible work fam as Director of Business Development at Vitamin T. I have a heavy digital and creative background, having worked as a Director of Marketing for a lifestyle magazine in Dallas and an iconic venue in Hollywood. I've managed brand launches for apps, electronic music artists, a tequila company, and even wrote for a global, online music blog. My true passion is for all things creative, and my experience gives me a unique edge when developing strategies to help clients find their "match made in Heaven" talent! When I'm not in the office you can find me surfing, at concerts, working on my photography, or snuggling with my dog, Lance. Looking for a strategic partner for your digital and creative needs? Let's chat!

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  • "A user journey is a visualization, presented as a series of steps in which a person interacts with a product." #UX
  • "Companies face big challenges in the pursuit of digital transformation including a lack of talent & expertise (31%)"
  • We may not get much Fall here in SoCal, but the Oct. wallpaper from our calendar helps (pumpkin) spice things up! ;)
  • Trick or Treat? How about both! :) #graphicdesign #creativity #marketing #creativetools @VitaminTalent @Aquent
  • Can I get an "A'MEN"!!!

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