Photo of Kristi
Photo of Kristi

Hi, I’m Kristi.

Kristi Vo Vitamin T San Francisco Metro

I love helping others unleash their true potential and reach their goals. Whether you're a graphic designer, UX/UI, Mobile UI App designer, front end developer, project manager, or copywriter, I want to work with you to find your next career! When I'm not working with amazing talent, you can find me salsa and swing dancing, playing tennis, running, biking, singing karaoke, or making tiramisu.

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  • Our new and improved Intro to Node.js course empowers you to build lightweight apps in under an hour. #Tutorial
  • Highlight your strengths right at the top of your resume, no matter where in your career you might be.…
  • Running a meeting? With these tips you can ensure that they will be more #productive…
  • 5 things you might be doing that your #creative employees hate #management #leadership
  • With the right questions, there’s a lot you can tell about a candidate in just half an hour.

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