Photo of Jonny
Photo of Jonny

Hi, I’m Jonny.

Jonny Fordham Vitamin T Agent London, UK

Design & Creative Agent at Vitamin T working both freelance and permanent positions for agencies across London. Taking a particular interest in Motion Graphics, Video Editing, 3D and also Copywriting. Prior industry experience as a Copywriter/Creative, working for agencies in London.

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  • RT @JCMovieTalk: Day 3: #30DayMovieChallenge Favourite Action/AdventureMovie - Jurassic Park. This wasn’t an easy…
  • @RonJichardson taking your advice and leaving baking dish in the oven with water to soak #oldman…
  • RT @JCMovieTalk: So a new thing I'm doing #factfriday every Friday a new movie fact. #didyouknow #moviefacts…
  • RT @JCMovieTalk: This is what I'm doing with my #blog for #ThrowbackThursday check it out #blogger #movie #classic…

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