Photo of Emily
Photo of Emily

Hi, I’m Emily.

Emily Peel Vitamin T Agent Los Angeles Metro

Grew up in Chicago then moved out to Colorado for college, and got my degrees in Psychology and Sociology. I found this love of studying people and their interactions; learning why we do the things we do. Luckily, I was given the chance to apply this passion towards connecting people with opportunity. There's no better feeling than creating that perfect fit between talent and clients!

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  • Correction: It's definitely your portfolio. Update that thing!
  • RT @suzythompson: Get competitive salaries for over 35 digital creative and marketing roles by downloading our Salary Guide today! https://…
  • RT @Cubs: #SpringTraining games begin in one month!
  • Never fails that every year the #OscarNoms come out and I'm left going: "who? what? huh?". Then I marathon all the…
  • RT @EdLatimore: Great peace of mind can be achieved if you don't bother having an opinion about things that don't immediately affect your l…

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