Photo of Connor
Photo of Connor

Hi, I’m Connor.

Connor Snashall Vitamin T Portland, OR

If you asked my parents what I was like as a kid, they'd probably tell you I was the biggest pain of their six kids to raise, but they'd also tell you I was always very creative with the challenges I provided them! I get out of bed and come to work every day because I love the creative people I have the opportunity to work with/for & being able to see and make connections between us. With a love for soccer, beer and food I came to Portland from SoCal and loved the rain so much that it's kept me here doing the things I love. I'm thrilled to be a part of the Vitamin T team and I'd love you to be a part of mine!

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  • @ohjefframos 👍🏼good talk!
  • @ohjefframos I'm a believer that good people kno good people & I'll still look at the apps, a referral/rec holds mo…
  • @ohjefframos I agree with not reaching out blindly, that's annoying. But with existing connections, why not leverag…
  • 2/2 I'll look at a resume someone I trust referred me to because it saves me time and comes from a reliable source,…
  • 1/2 I disagree with you here, landing a job is 9/10 times WHO you know, not how "rad" your app is.

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